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Fourth of July Necessities

Fourth of July Necessities

Celebrate the Fourth of July right! We want to make sure you have everything you need for a tremendous holiday celebration. Whether giving your home and lawn a patriotic makeover, staying cool in the summer sun, or grilling up the perfect meal, we’ve got just what you need. Here are some must-have items to ensure your Independence Day celebration is one to be proud of.

Show Your Patriotism

Show Your Patriotism

Decking your house out in red, white, and blue is always in style! A few patriotic touches can really tie things together in the summer, and of course, it’s necessary when throwing the perfect 4th of July celebration.



Flags are a great way to spruce up your area. Smaller flags can be used to decorate walkways and lawns, while larger flags are great for hanging on porches.

Stay Cool in The Summer Sun

Pool Party

Part of hosting summer parties is making sure guests are able to stay cool and comfortable. There are a few things you’ll want to make sure everyone can enjoy the summer sun.



Keep your drinks ice cold with beverage coolers. Hard-sided coolers stand up to the heat the best and keep your drinks cold the longest. If you’re traveling, look for a wheeled cooler for easy transportation.

Party tip: Using different colored coolers is a great way to separate adult beverages from kid-friendly ones!

Water Toys


Pool accessories like toys and waterslides are a great way for kids to stay cool. But that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy them too. Go ahead, we won’t tell!

Pest Control


The last thing anyone wants is to have to fight off bugs when eating, swimming, or just hanging around outside. Keep the pests away with these helpful items.

Patio Torches

Patio Torches

Patio torches - sometimes referred to as tiki torches - are a great way to deter insects from backyards, decks, and other areas where guests may be. Most are even reusable! They’re also a great way to light areas as the sun goes down.

Outdoor Insect Fogger

Insect Fogger

Outdoor insect foggers are an easy way to prep for your lawn for the Fourth of July. These foggers can be sprayed throughout the backyard ahead of time and help keep critters away, so you and your guests can enjoy the yard and the party.

Citronella Candles

Citronella Candles

Citronella Candles are easy to use and can be placed in many different areas. Not only do these help keep bugs away, but they offer a nice scent and provide a little light as it starts to get dark outside.

Power the Party

Dance Party

There are just a few more things you’ll need to get the party started. These are must-have items to impress all of your guests.

Extension Cords

Extension Cords

Always be sure to have extension cords on hand. When having an outdoor party, you may need them to power speakers and outdoor lights.

Chairs and Patio Sets

Patio Set

Whether you’re stocked up on folding lawn chairs or have a decked-out area with full patio sets, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of seating space. There’s nothing worse than going to a party with nowhere to sit!



Last but certainly not least, the grill. The key to any good Independence Day celebration is making sure you have the right grill and grilling accessories. Whether you're into propane, charcoal, and wood-pellet grills, or are looking for a flap-top grill to feed a crowd, it’s definitely a must-have!

Celebrate right this year! Make sure you have everything you need to impress your guests, stay cool in the sun, and show your patriotism this Fourth of July. Whether it’s your first time hosting, or you’re a long-time barbecuer, make this Independence Day one to remember!